Barth prep, and dog training

A couple of months ago I had an expensive $$$$ round of postponed maintenance performed on Barth. The largest expense was a new air dryer. May you never need that!

I am planning a March trip to Livingston TX to be a CARE volunteer for the month of March and to check out the CARE facilities and services for future reference. Therefore I have been working on a few convenience changes, screw and bolt tightenings, a major basement a/c repair (not yet tested) and a general cleaning and purification service and a complete maintenance. Replacement basement a/c’s are no longer made. The needed a/c control board is not a Colman, but I found a Coleman repair control board with the help of a RV store. I am installing it myself. May you never need that!

Today I decided that Barth need a loop of a few miles to lubricate everything so as to expose unknown problems. Also, it was the first RV ride of the young and stubborn Lady the Dog, aka LtD. Barth did great. LtD was a nervous wreck, so my trip to TX is going to be a training run, if I do not kill LtD before I get there. I wish AtD (Annie) had lived comfortably to age 29.

Oh, yeah. Due to age, not tread, I need a new round of tires for the trip, and to keep Barth useable for another 8 years. I have been procrastinating over that $3000+ unless I decide to try to stretch them another couple of years. I have had 2 blowouts and though the rear blowouts did not endanger my life, recovery from the desolate locations that road service was required is a big deal with a big rig.

Since blogging in the middle of the day is probably a procrastination, I need to punish my back on more Barth work. But first I need breakfast (it is 2PM!).

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Blog resurrection after two year hiatus

It was sometime after New Year 2011 that I pulled into Camp Ranch Road. Blogging ceased then. I did not know at the time that it would be an extended hiatus from travel. I did know that my back was very painful.

In many ways a lot has transpired since then. And in many ways very little. The back problems escalated to near incapacitation culmination in a sciatica nerve block injection that was very effective but did nothing for the low back situation. Physical Therapy was a life saver and got me back on my feet in a few months, though far from 100%. It has been a long haul. Pain that is physically unchallenged leads to other maladies. Unfortunately one of them is procrastination which I wrote about some time ago. A couple of amusing but painfully true videos in this blog entry.

And Barth lay dormant, unattended. Water lines froze. Other things aged. Engine maintenance was delayed since I was not traveling.

My loyal and beloved dog Annie finally reached the point that there was only one humane thing to do, have her put down. I probably delayed the inevitable months too long. But she would come to me, look into my eyes, and telepath to me “Not today, please.” Then one day she seemed to be saying “I cannot take this any more.” And she took her last car ride to doggy heaven, as she was surely a good dog. She was 19 years old.

After about a year I decided that it was time to get another dog. Enter Lady, a Aussie that I acquired from Craigslist at an approximate age of 9 months. She is very smart, (“How smart is she?”) so smart that she knows very well what she wants to learn and what is obviously non-rewarding for her. It is a battle of the wills, and so far she is willing me to loose most of the battles. But she is a good companion nonetheless.  She will get the first test of motorhome life shortly which will probably be a brand new war between us.

Enough blogging (journaling?) . That is often a major form of procrastination. And a challenge at my typing speed. More later.

I christen the blog as resurrected with this cuppa Great Value coffee!!

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Yes, Hillary, I know how you feel

In a prior life, when I had a job paying  above the poverty line, I sent an email to an employee asking that she “Contact these turkeys and find out what their problem is,” or some such words. The “turkeys” were another organization within the same company.

The employee forwarded (note – I said forwarded) the message to the other organization with her request for info. So I kinda know how Hillary and Obama feel about the classified data leaks. On a very small scale.

I found out about the indiscretion when a person from the other organization visited me at my desk, showed me the forwarded email, and said they they were going to assume that I meant the comment lovingly.

I doubt that Hillary and Obama is going to get off that easy.

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Border Patrol stonewalls visiting sheriff

News from the neutral zone. By the way, why is the ‘lawless zone’ all on the US side of the border? Who are the invaders?

Hung out counting illegals passing by until the absence of coffee overwhelmed me. Finally scooted to SV for coffee and bread that was forgotten yesterday. had sausage at Uncle Wally;s kitchen, MacD.

Read the SV Herald about my vicarious buddy Sheriff Joe being accused of spending funds for hiring of extra deputies using money designated for something else. Joe, show them you know best where funding should go.

A Sheriff from IN visited the state, was snubbed by the Border Patrol who would not talk to him. Local sheriff gave him a tour, and he was ‘impressed’ by the vast ‘lawless zone’ which shields the unlawful, and in which ranchers try to maintain their life.

Commercial — Vote Larry Cook Robertson Co. TN Sheriff!

Now for the rest of the story… half way home I had to turn around and scoot back for the forgotten coffee and bread. When I have not had my coffee, I am in a pickle because I cannot remember why I can’t remember anything, but the pickles taste like strawberries!

There, wasn’t that status awe inspiring, or as the young generations would say, awesome?

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Stuff – a bus cleaning saga

In the 80’s when my parents were visiting me in Phoenix, I needed an axe for a project we were working on. I could not find the one I had. So fifteen minutes later I was back from Home Depot with a new one. Dad’s observation: “Garry, do you buy another of everything you can’t find in five minutes?”

Now that I am his age, at the time, and he is long gone, I have to admit my answer must have been “yes!”

Pack-rat junk galore. Over the threshold of ‘can’t find the three I have, go buy a fourth one’ syndrome. Two of the bedrooms of my house are uninhabitable simply because one can hardly get into them. Computers, boxes and boxes of cables, air conditioners, never-listened-to stereos… all those objects I could not live without. Now, extrapolate that phenomenon to a motorhome! Basically a small bedroom and cooking nook on wheels. Kinda like a bed headboard I built while in Scottsdale, MG. All it needed was a steering wheel.

I am methodically removing everything from Barth, starting at the rear. Stuff is shoved forward, and eventually out the front door. After purging, the areas are cleaned, sprayed, fumigated with the doors are closed. I am now at the mid point, which leaves the parlor/dining area unnavigable. It all will end up on the driveway, unless we have one of AZ’s typical windy days, in which case it will all be in the next county, or blown through the holes in the border fence into Mexico.

This activity will probably delay my summer departure. And it will be difficult to part ways with much of the stuff. But depart it will. And so will I, with that eventuality getting closer. At which time I will trying to get someone’s attention from the-other-side, “What are you doing with all my stuff. I will need that someday!”

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