Jasper National Park

Where is Whistler Campground?

I arrived at Whistler Campground, just outside Jasper, yesterday eve. Did some touring in the Jeep, once I got enough water in it’s battery to get it charged and started. Walked through town and glanced at all the stuff I could (and will) do without.

Today I took a lake tour, saw two water falls, and participated in much roadside wildlife gawking. One thing for sure – If you ever stop by the road to take a leak in Jasper Park, be aware that out of no where about 10 cars, 4 motorhomes and two tour buses will suddenly stop to see what animal you are looking at!

I saw some of these:

And these:

As well as these:

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Switzer Provincial Park (Graveyard Campground)

Where is Graveyard Campground?

Today I drove back to Grand Prairie and made arrangements for road service to put my spare tire on the Barth. Emergency Road Service paid all but $28.00, and the $20.00 tip I gave the guy. Probably cost ERS a few hundred. I am now without a spare tire. I decided to try to make it home on these tires, and put new ones on after the trip. The tires cost $100.00 more each in Canada than in the US.

I am near the entry to the forest where Jasper, Banff, etc. are located. But I may stay at this spot an additional night or two and just kick back. It may be a suitable place from which to do some day trips.

Graveyard is a nice, small campground, near some larger ones. It has no hookups. It is not in trees, rather a nice grassy spot beside lakes and a nice little creek, only has space for 5 or so parties.

While here I visited with a family from nearby Hinton:

Left to right is Roger, son Jeremiah, and friend Gilbert. They invited me over for a cheese burger and fries, and we had some great discussions about Canada, RVing, etc. Really nice folks!

It rained bigtime last night, and the spot that I found to get off the hiway yesterday was about 1 inch of sticky clay this morn, so between Annie and myself, the MH is again a mess, especially the floors.

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56 Miles South of Grand Prairie, AB, Canada [BLOWOUT]

Where did the blowout occur?

Had a nice day, continuing to and visiting the town of Tumblers Ridge, viewing dinosaur tracks in rocks beside a creek, some beautiful country.

Dino tracks looked like this:

Returned to Dawson Creek to resume my route through Alberta. In Grand Prairie Annie and I took an extended rest by walking around the lake in the town park, a distance of about 6 KM. I got orientation at the visitor’s center, and we headed off to Jasper.

About an hour out of Grand Prairie, as I was wishing a nice place to stop for the night would emerge, a blowout announced it’s arrival with a very large shotgun – like bang. A cloud of dust was visible in the rear view mirror. Fortunately, initial impression is that no other systems were damaged by the carcass. Since the shoulder proved to be too soft to support the Barth, I slowly drove until I found a side road to pull into for the night.

The Tire:

So here I sit, cocked sideways (should be interesting staying on the bed tonight), waiting to try to solve my woes tomorrow. This will obviously be a delay of a day or three, depending on tire availability, etc.

Annie thinks it is great. She was tired of traveling for the day.

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Near Chetwynd, BC, Canada

Where is pullout near Chetwynd?

A beautiful spot, all alone except for the occasional traffic (every 20 – 40 minutes or so until 11 PM, then virtually nothing). Oh, also for the mystery hoofs. As I was finishing a novel, I heard the sound of crunching gravel outside. Someone running up to the Barth? Let’s take a quick look.

There was a Moose running down the shoulder f the road, a small calf struggling to keep up. She ran a few hundred feet and thankfully found a way off the roadway. Know what, to be honest, the moose is not the most beautiful beast on earth, but she sure can run gracefully, fluid in motion!

Today I took the road to Hudson Hope, paused in that small town, both road and town not existing until two hydroelectric plants were built nearby. Interesting tours of the plants, and a dinner out consisting of some pork concoction.

I am currently about half way between Chetwynd and Tumbler ridge, which I will visit tomorrow.

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Fort Nelson, BC, Canada

Where is Fort Nelson?

After an early departure, and a long drive, I landed just South of Ft.Nelson at a RV Park by a truck stop. Not an ideal location, but it has no trees, so I can get i-net signal as well as XM radio. Not that reading isn’t a good break from driving and seeing, it is nice to have outside contact again. I might point out that when I switched satellites for internet, I gave up TV (I could manually aim for it, but I was never motivated). I had prerecorded 100 hours of movies from DirecTV onto video recorder, but have watched not a single one!

I saw many of these today:

In fact there was a whole herd of them. I would have gotten out of the Barth and made enough shots to fill a table top photo book, but the sheep were in the pullout. I stopped and stared for a while, but decided I didn’t want to be rear-ended by that occasional semi. Ahh… too bad.

Yesterday I drove the Campbell Highway, by far the dustiest highway so far. This is what my Jeep engine compartment looked like when I opened the hood to jump start it this afternoon (I left the aux brake on over too many nights):

Note that the outside has already been pressure washed earlier today.

Unfortunately, my whole MH is similar inside. I am sitting a day or two to clean up inside the Barth and Jeep, since I should be on no more dirt roads, except for road repairs.

I did not show them in the pict, but I now have two broken headlamps, two broken fog lights, and a cracked windsheld on the Jeep. I have had some very hard hits on the Barth windshield, but so far it has held it own. Most of the Jeep damage came from my own tires on the MH. I don’t need headlights up here, it never gets dark, till winter, then it never gets daylight.

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