Arrival At Jim Hogg Campground

Where is Jim Hogg Campground and Georgetown Lake?

I arrived at Georgetown Lake about 5:00 PM after a long but uneventful ten-plus hour drive. The only hiccup was getting lost in the Foss Park while leaving and touring a campground that I was not staying in. Another testimonial to my not driving at night, as I left just before morning twilight.

I will attempt to perform a final repair on the leaking toilet fill valve today, as I discovered that there is still a small leakage. Also I may attempt to clean carpet stains from the toilet run over, but I do not have high hopes that this will work with the small handheld carpet cleaner I have with me. I am thinking of replacing most of the carpet with a laminate when I get home. That would be much easier to keep clean.

Sunday I will move to a park closer to Austin. I will be reluctant to leave Jim Hogg as this is such a nice park with paved roads, paved sites, water and electric hookups.

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More Water Blues, and Jeep Blues

After cleaning the fill valve, I reconnected the water supply yesterday. I do not know how much junk is in my water lines, but it has malfunctioned again today. Fortunately I was watching when it failed and I shut off the water before it overflowed this time.

Yesterday I went to town to buy a water filter, do a little laundry, and wash Jeep. I installed the water filter, flushed the storage tank and lines, cleaned the valve once again, and all seems well now. I am becoming quite proficient at removing and cleaning the valve!

On the way to town, Jeep started cutting out intermittently big time. My normal jerk-the wires trick I have been using for 10 years for this problem did not work. I nursed it to town and to the Jeep dealer. For $65 they diagnosed my problem – something like “Duh!”

The mechanic listened to me, jerked, bent, twisted, and pulled all the wires and connectors trying to find a bad one. No such luck. But it did start running, and nothing we could do would make it act up in the shop.

Was it worth $65? Probably not, but at least it is running good – for now. But it did occupy my entire afternoon.

Today is the day to clean the Jeep inside and windows, the Barth front windows, and the floors inside. After that is all done I think I will avail myself of the luxury of a real shower that they have here. It seems to have hot water.

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Arrival At Foss State Park, OK

Where is Foss State Park?

I arrived at Foss at early afternoon, driving from Wal*Mart in Dodge City, Kansas. I made a feeble attempt to check out the sights of Dodge City, going to ‘Boot Hill’. “Walk the hills that Doc Holliday walked,” they proclaim, in front of a western street mockup straight from Gunsmoke. But everyone knows that the real Boot Hill is in Tombstone, AZ.

The visitor center at Boot Hill informed me that all other attractions had closed for the winter. So I spent 30 minutes seeing the town. This consisted of driving the main East-West drag to the limits, then the main North-South drag to the limits. On the East side of town I saw a sign that declared “Overlook, 1 mile”. Wondering what in Kansas might be high enough to be called an overlook, I proceeded. It turns out to be a spot on the highway about 100 ft. high that overlooks a humongous feeding lot. So much for scenery. Come to think of it, the overlook was level. It was the feed lot that was in a low place.

On with business. The drive to Dodge City was very tiring as I had a side wind with gusts up to 30, according to the weather service. Today was mostly better, not the wind, but the fact that it was a tailwind eighty percent of the drive.

Upon arrival at Foss, I settled into a campsite that is somewhat sheltered form the wind and immediately confirmed that trees were not blocking my view of the satellite. I then went outside and connected electric and water tethers, puttered around, walked dog, moved the Jeep to a satisfactory resting place, checked for phone connection (none), scratched a place or two, yawned (as you are doing), and then looked at the Barth. Yikes! Water was running from all over the place!

I popped the water connection bay, expecting the worst scenario, a busted water tank. All seemed ok. The water was dripping from a-high. Had me baffled. Checked an unused ice maker hose, not leaking. Then I stepped on the carpet – squish, looked down to see water everywhere inside. Traced the flow back to the head. Yup, toilet had been overflowing since I turned on the water, and still doing it, I might add.

Boring story-short, I shut off the water and disassembled the electronic controls and valves. A little troubleshooting uncovered that the shutoff valve had a flake of rust impairing it’s ability to function properly, i.e. shut off. No waiting for delivery of expensive parts necessary. Thanks for the rusty water, Red Willow. I need the iron, but Barth does not.

Now, where did I stow that water filter? Marlene of Gordon and Marlene (several weeks back) asked me if I have a catch-all drawer, as she was looking for something. I told her that “all of my drawers are catch-all”. I can loose things just as easily in Barth as I can at the house.

Grrrrr… now it is approaching sundown and I haven’t even had time to rest from the trip!

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Oops! Out Of My Budget

Tonight I web-ordered my drugs. The next 90 day refill was priced at about $1100. Upon investigation, I discovered that I had exceeded my yearly $6000 benefit maximum, which removed the price cap per refill. This meant that I was being billed at 50% of cost, hence the $1100. I do not want to deal with a $1100 drug bill right now.

The main culprit that is expensive is a psoriasis drug, which retails at about $500/month. I will simply start taking that drug 3 days a week instead of 7 days a week. And I will start taking the Lipitor on the same schedule. That will get me through the year on my current stock.

I took my trusty 2 bars outside into the night and made an immediate call to cancel 3 of the 5 meds. I did keep the amytrip and Prilosec, as they are cheap.

I do not know what I will do when I get old(er) and have more drugs to take!

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Sometimes Plans Are Necessary

I made reservations at McKenney State Park for my Austin stop. This is only the second time I have made reservations, as I usually stay at out-of-the-way places. However, with fall approaching, RVers are already moving South, and to get a decent place in the near-Austin area, I decided that it was prudent to reserve.

Last night a weather front moved through, and there was a terrific light show and lots of rain. I had my dish up, accessing the internet. A lightning strike was close enough that the impulse tripped the GFI circuit breaker on my computer circuit, knocking me offline. This also confused my dish controller such that I had to re-calibrate it before I could stow it. Fortunately no other strikes were close enough to ‘hit’ me again. And all equipment is working correctly today.

Today the sun and perfect temperatures returned.

Annie likes that she can stay outside all day, what with the empty campground. But there is a lack of smells, compared to the horse park in which I was previously parked.

Saturday morn I am off to points South.

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