Inverters, dinner, rain and pics for the cuz

Ok, you pesky cousins, here are pics of the campsite.

Here is where I am

And here is what see

Unfortunately real rain started right after dinner. Still raining. May screw up the holiday festivities tomorrow.

Dick and Sandy! That are  their names. I told you I would remember, with the help of a business card! A great dinner. It is fun when one runs into friendly people. But being from Georgia, how could they not be friendly?

I have a minor crises. My inverter, that gadget that provides me with 110 volts for important things like the microwave, quit yesterday. I do not know if I can fix it or not. I gracefully avoided confronting it today, so today it was inverter 1, GarryP, 0. I have contrived a workaround by using a small spare inverter that is just large enough to provide my communication equipment with power. But will it also allow me to watch a Netflix/Roku movie late night? That I do not know yet! I do have cell service here, and ordered a care package of a month of mail today. I did not have to use Skype for that at least. Hard enough to understand Mr. Brown’s employees when face to face.

I still plan on getting wide angle movies or pics from Bob’s helmet cam. There should be some choice shots scooting over Wolf Creek Pass.

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A cam, a ride, and a neighbor

The NFS Park that harbors Barth is just the ticket. Small, quiet (only a small amount of traffic noise, out of sight), convenient to town, and it honors the GAP card at 50%.

My friend Bob loaned me a helmet cam that he never got around to using. So I took a ride from the CG to Wolf Creek Pass to test it by getting good videos of the area. Rats! Upon return, it was still powered off. No movie. Next time! If I get bored here there is Pagosa Springs and Creede to scoot to, possibly including some awe inspiring movie snippets.

A new neighbor, only three of us in this park of sixteen sites, came in today. Dang, already forgot their names. But they are nice folks, and invited me to dinner tomorrow. Some would say that I should shave. He even asked if I wanted go canoeing today. I declined because of no life jacket, being a non-swimmer.  And the folks from KS that have the MP3 500 over at the beaver Creek CG – forgot their names also. I hope they all forgot mine so that we will be even!

This is a friendly town, at least the tourists are friendly. Every time I drop in at the local grocery, a conversation seems to erupt. Scoot is a good conversation starter. The tourists so outnumber the locals, it is difficult to identify locals.

Another day down, the 4th coming up, movie scoots to take, and chores. Plenty to keep me busy the next several days.

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A peak into Colorado

Before the rains stole the area, L. Ranger and A. T. Dog took me into the edge of CO into the San Juan National Forest; just a sight seeing trip. It was a nice drive to over 10,000 feet, as I believe I mentioned in a recent post.

I think it might be possible to do dispered boondocking there, but maybe not. It needs more exploration.

However, the snoe reminants there were a change.

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