Catchup – a few pics

Here are a few recent pics. STOP YOUR COMPLAINING!  🙂


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A rough ride with a nice camp at the end

Upon leaving Meeker, a pleasant little town, a dispersed camping area of the White River National Forest, identified by the local NFS office, was visited for three nights.  Access to the location, with an altitude of about 9000 feet, is from the Yellowjacket Pass on CO-13 on #48, identified as the Wilson Park area. The last 2 miles of the generally good earth road is teeth shattering, rock strewn road. It is difficult to recommend this area for a large motorhome, though trailers up to medium size fifth wheel, should fare better.

Warning! When you listen to a local NSF or BLM officer, the visions of sugarplums dancing in your head may not match reality. Proceed with caution. They mean well, but sometimes cannot be objective of a road they drive daily or weekly on business in someone else’s 4WD pickup truck!

Sorry, pics were forgotten. But all you would have seen is trees, near and far!

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Déjà vu – AGAIN!!!

After a tiring day I arrived at Meeker, CO. This was one of my tentative destinations. A long stop at Rifle to deal with the holding tanks, and a couple of questions of the NFS folks, quickly convinced me that the rather warm Rifle, CO was not the place to be, not Green Acres. “It’s all up hill to Meeker,” she said. “Bye, and thanks” said I.

And it was up hill. And road construction on an already twisty and winding road. And rain on top of the road construction. All this after a longer than I like interstate drive. But finally, I arrived tired. Not seeing the NFS office sign that I was seeking in Meeker, I stopped in front of a motel that had a suitably safe very wide shoulder. Inquiring within, I was told the that the facility I was looking for was directly across the street, across two lanes of heavy traffic. So I walked over, got camping info for the area, and made a tricky U-turn.

Looking for that town park with RV parking lot, I was. Found it, too, with a $15 fee. Then I looked left. Right. At the dump station. At the creek. “HEY, I HAVE CAMPED HERE BEFORE!” I exclaimed. Until that moment I thought that I had not previously heard of Meeker, CO. More on forgetfulness later.

So here I am in friendly little Meeker, apparently my second time. Third? Tomorrow will be a search for a truck shop that can put a new seal on my right front wheel bearing, hopefully in Meeker, better yet in this parking lot. With that job completed, I will be off to explore what promises to be some great camping spots.

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A river runs through it

A scoot up the road to Breckenridge was in order today. A short ride, warm-ish in the still air. Breckenridge was there, just as it was during my snow skiing years, another lifetime. But A river was noted! And a river walk! All snow and ice in the winter, I do not remember it.

Definitely a resort and tourist destination. The crowd was definitely young, many young families. A Mexican lunch was enjoyed, a duck quesadilla. The description had other adjectives of course, but after taking time to grab a milk shake while strolling through town I forgot them. The quesadilla was tasty but it had an after glow as it sat a little heavily on my stomach.  Duck. I remember, now. But the short day trip was enjoyed nonetheless.

I took a survey on a computer. For taking it I got to spin a wheel of fortune for a prize. I told the lady I wanted the cap. I spun. She gave me a Breckenridge cap. I think my level 2 spin was probably good for a plastic necklace. I did not win the 4-night free vacation in a local resort. The instructions for the survey implied there were all kinds of question choices coming. I was only asked for name, phone, zip, salary range and age range. When I entered 65+, it said goodbye and thanks. But I was given my free hat.

Browsing a real estate broker window, I saw a price of several million, and though it was for the whole town. But upon closer reading it was a single residence. I then lost interest.

Here are a couple of shots of Blue River running through the town, along the river walk. Tourist peeps and dogs were enjoying it.

Tourists frolicking in Blue River

A dog does more resting than frolicking

A P.S. to Bob S. – There are mountain trails and mountain gals in Summit County just waiting for you! But the cute freckled red head young lady might have been a little too young, so I did not give her your phone number. A simple goog to “summit county mountain bike trails” should give you plenty reading.

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