Visiting the Wilsons

This morn Darryl and Judy met me at Uncle Wally’s and laid plains for the day. They showed me the BLM site near town that they had found, and the dump location. I went over for a lunch later after relocating to the new and quiet location. No more rumbling trucks until midnight. But frankly, I have gotten to where I could sleep in a tornado, but the nice rain last eve did help mask a lot of noise, pitter patter on the roof.

You remember Darryl and Judy, the ones that talked me into buying a scooter and then promptly bought a Tracker? Oh well, nice folks just the same. Tomorrow morn Darryl and I are going on a scoot ride, maybe another this weekend. They are work camping at minimum wage plus RV parking in Cody  and, typically for them, enjoying every minute.

There is a huge museum here, apparently large enough that the ticket is good for two days so that persons with half-day legs can attend it for two days. I do not know what the focus is, but could it be: a) Roy Rogers; b) Slim Pickens; c) Buffalo Bill Cody. Hint: The museum name is Buffalo Bill Historical Museum.

Annie is having a terrible time, stomach-wise. I think it is the heat. Without going into details, just take my word that it is unpleasant for me also. Since Barth a/c is out of commission, I cannot even give her relief by going to a RV park. A dilemma. Jez, I hope Yellowstone is cooler!

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Just a little breeze please

I hate to be perpetually negative, but when I need a breeze, I need a breeze! Unfortunately Cody is as hot as everywhere else in WY. By doing a little investigative research on the web, I have proven to myself that the forecasts, and current temp, provided by google/ totally inaccurate and unreliable. Two different views with the completely different temps.

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Where is Casper?

In hell, no doubt. Today’s temp 100 +/-, depending on which thermo one peers at. Fortunately it is a dry heat. Arrival time was 2 PMish, and a slight hint of cooling is occurring at 8 PM.

Not much travel news. Arrived and parked. Grouchy because of no afternoon nap, too hot. Loooong warm drives through WY somewhat boring. No National Forests to camp in. No BLM to camp at. Highways are lonely and lonesome. I entertain myself by watching my mirrors.

Watching that cowboy in the pickup towing four horses struggle to get around my 60 mph’s. Don’t like driving 5 mph below the speed limit, eh? It doesn’t matter, they will break the speed limit to catch me just so they can pass, even if I drive at 75 mph. They just can’t stand to have a motorhome in front of them! So driving a little slower is safer than driving at the speed limit. Besides, I like to see the cowboy drop back when I top a hill at 60 in 6th, maybe 5th, without loosing a single mph.

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Overnighting in Riverside Cafe parking lot

Still heading north at a too-rapid a pace. I cannot find a cool spot to camp or park. Last night was spent in the parking lot of the Riverside Fireside restaurant by a highway, not a river; facing gas pumps, not a fire. Not even a fireplace. But good food at a reasonable price, for a pleasant change. The temperature was in the 90’s and finally cooled about 8:30 PM. Baggs, WY, population 348.

Crossing the border between CO and WY was stunning in the traffic pattern. I was suddenly immersed in a sea of horses and horse trailers (and semi’s). Wyomians sure love their horses. If I had to guess, the local commerce is probably based on horsetrading, much like Wall Street.

About to depart for the cool in the North. Ha! Altitude is the key, but I am currently on a raod at 6000 feet, no relief here.

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Yellowstone/Grand Tetons, WY

Where is Generic Campground near Yellowstone/Grand Tetons, WY?

I Made a rather quick, direct drive through Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks. I have been there before. Also, the crowds were unbelievable. There was some animal near the road and dozens of cars stopped on both sides of the road, completely haphazard. I arrived upon this roadblock in Barth. I started muscling my way through the mess, with inches to spare. Finally started directing approaching traffic with hand signals through the windshield. “You, stop.” “You, proceed past me.” I inch forward one car length, which clears a car in the rear, allows one car to pass, then do it all over again. I just wanted to shut it down and curl up on the bed!

No photos. Having been there, I was not awed. Also, I picked up a cold somewhere, and felt like crap, still do. Also, the Tetons were enshrouded by smoke based haze.

Drove too long again, finally about dark found a campground that was full, but agreed to allow me to park in their picnic area for one night if I leave early. So I did.

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