Gysers and pools

Deep blue and hot steaming pools, one as deep as 50 feet. Some are colored by heat-loving bacteria. Primordial goop?

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Old Faithful visit

I went scooting on a whim yesterday, intending to visit Old Faithful. As usual, whims come a little late in the day. I try to not drive after dark because of poor dim vision. Scoot does not have serious driving lights as I (or anyone) would require in unlighted twisty windy mountain roads wet from rain. Fortunately I made it back just a whisper short of total darkness, well after sundown. Safely.

As usual for Yellowstone, I was rained on. Storm clouds gather and dissipate throughout the mountains before your eyes. Sometimes they shower on you.

Also, a missed turn resulted in a 140 mile round trip ride turning into a 222 mile ride, chewing up my calculated margin for getting home before dark. But I did so by minutes.

I did stop a few times to restore circulation to my butt and legs, to put on/off rain gear, and yes, to your amazement, take a pic or two. The pics may be viewed in the gallery below. Click on any picture to view as a slide show.

The unfortunate thing is that my camera screwed up 29 of my pics, making them useless. Not operator error! Some of my best pics! First time ole reliable has done that to me. By definition those were my best shots!

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First moose

I saw my first moose (on this trip) today. I scooted to the “grocery store”, mostly pop, beer and candy, for a pop and a candy. A herd of stopped vehicles across the road from the “grocery” flagged something of interest. A moose in the Shoshone River. Since pop and candy do not require a camera, I had none. I think that the proper place for the camera is on the scoot.

As I went outside to read, a shower blew through dampening that outdoor activity. Reading activity was relocated inside Barth. Otherwise a morning of trying to understand my blog settings.

The candidacy of Larry Cook for Sheriff of Robertson County, TN failed to win election, so presumably I will remove the campaign web site to conserve charges for storage soon.

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Catchup – a few pics

Here are a few recent pics. STOP YOUR COMPLAINING!  🙂


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A perfect site!

Ok, so it ain’t free, but with GAP only $7.50! Great site, good solar, satellite connected, cool, quiet, level. And I mean quiet! Well, except for a generator here and there. A bit of musical-sites erupted. I pulled into a rented site, empty but with a paid tag, without noticing. It had been pre-rented by a person in another site for his buddy, not legal. He offered to rent another site when I gently complained about his irregularity. It so happened that the site across from that site was about to be vacated, and it is so huge that I just pulled into it behind the departing occupant until he was ready to leave – his suggestion. A really nice guy from Michigan. So I vacated the other site, looped the loop, and got this great site. Everybody ended up happy. I am not at Shoshone riverside, but that is ok, because sleeping near the water ruins my sinuses. Besides, the Shoshone is only a few hundred yards walk from Barth.

Three Mile Campground (NFS) is three miles from the east entrance to Yellowstone NP, just where I would want to be to meet family for a few days at Yellowstone internal lodging (the better heeled branch of the family). It is just as close to the activity as would be the expensive reservations that I made at a commercial park in West Yellowstone, so those reservations will be canceled. Still, I am going to be putting 100+ mile days on the scooter.

The drive from Cody to Yellowstone is beautiful, kinda like Wind River Canyon. The two prettiest areas in WY. But I have to also throw into that category Big Horn Mountains, north of Cody, which was visited in previous years, twice.

Motocross and ATV hill-climbers invaded my BLM spot in Cody two days in a row, from noon to dark- stay clear of that site! Those damn dirt bikes were running full speed right beside Barth. I get it, that is the local kids BLM playground that I invaded. I finally decided to defuse my anger by visiting with them while they were getting prepared to ride. But I am happy now.

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