Bet You Haven’t Seen One Of These

The ferry rolled into port today, or perhaps floated in. The RV park here is now completely full, whereas it was less than half full when I arrived yesterday. Good timing on my part.

I am looking at a sight that caused quit a stir in the persons in the campground. A German tour rolled into town, to catch a ferry leaving Prince Rupert to Alaska tomorrow. The part that drew so much attention is pictured below:

It is a self-contained sleeper coach. They carry equipment to “camp” and prepare their own meals, as they are doing now. They do not have water on board, or bath facilities, however.

I had to descend on them to explore that ungainly automobile. Most speak some English. I would get some picts of them if we were going to e around another day, but it would be an intrusion to interfere with their dinner preparation. And they as well as I a leaving tomorrow morn.

Now, in my younger years I bet I could have booked some great ski trips in that beast!

Also, for those people at eBeC that may tune in from time to time, if any, I want to assure that I have not abandoned my Skittles on this trip. I know you are worried about this, so here is a picture of my rolling cache:

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Bear Watch A Bust, But Those Whales!

Yesterday’s long and teeth-jarring boat ride to see the grizzly bears was a bust – none were to be found. But I will have many other opportunities to see grizzlies, perhaps on the road.

The boat:

We did see several Orcas and a humpback on the way. Also, the ride was worth it for me, as the scenery for the 6 hour ride was identical to that observable during the entire inside passage ferry ride.

Inside passage scenery:

All the folks on the tour were from the cruise ship. Some were surprised that I would drive this far when I could take a ship. I did not bother telling them that the scenery they saw was absolutely no comparison to what I saw, and that I was meeting ordinary folks, while they were playing one-ups-man-ship on their travels.

One couple from Orlando has a “vacation” house and car located in Tombstone, AZ, on Allen Street (the main tourist drag), about 20 miles from me. They were, however, not my kind of folks. They are not Arizonans.

Glad I drove.

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Visiting Prince Rupert, BC

Where is Prince Rupert, BC?

I was visited by a Canadian Park Ranger at the rest area this morn. She just wanted to chat and ask about the motorhome. She gave me some pointers, and confirmed that my planned route to Alaska is a gorgeous one.

All I can say is that the drive from the rest area to Prince Rupert was one continuous picture postcard. Not any places to pull a MH over, but I did manage to get a few picts, to e posted later.

Left the rest area for Prince Rupert. I am in the city RV Park ($26/night Canadian). I have booked a 6- hour boat tour to see the grizzly bears feeding on salmon this afternoon. Will visit the allegedly outstanding museum and relax tomorrow.

I have to backtrack a little to get out of here (or take the $$$ ferry). There are a few places to see on the way back to Cassiar Highway.

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Cedarvale/Kitwanga Pullout

Where is Cedarvale/Kitwanga Pullout, BC?

I have stopped at this pullout because it offered me a reasonably 50/50 chance of getting on-line – it also offered such a great view, I may stay here, or move down the road a couple miles to a great rest stop. Wow, such scenery, right beside the highway, with a car every 5 or 10 minutes.

The views:

I also stopped back a few miles at a town called Telkwa to fill up with diesel ($369 Canadian). I chatted with a waitress there, but the 15 yr old lad that pumped my fuel said his Dad moved from Prescott, AZ when he was about 15. The Dad (and the entire family) does what? Run a dairy and sell beef stock. And the kid does what? Participates as a steer rider in local rodeos.

Good to know that the Prescott traditions have been transplanted to BC! I told the kid to tell his Dad that Whiskey Row is still alive and well!

The Kid:

You can tell he didn’t really want his photo taken, but was too polite to refuse. The waitress (yep, should have gotten her photo) instantly shoved a guest register at me when I ask for coffee at the cash register. She said, you sound like you are not from around here. Yeah, right

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