A thief in the dark of night

Folks that stay in campgrounds are usually honest folks. Regardless of the equipment they have, although I do tend to lock the moho door when I am out of sight, and always when not present. I have heard the occasional story. But I have never had a problem… until now.

To my dismay, and AtD’s obvious disappointment, AtD’s not-quite-chewed-enough steak bone was pilfered sometime during the night by some scrounger.

To all that may visit Edson CG, just sayin’.

A serious note to folks that may be arriving at Edson, watch for the Edson CG signs very carefully. The road from US 101 to Edson is good, but do not miss the left turn into campground, immediately before the bridge across the Edson Cr. Proceeding into the beyond-land will result in little opportunity to turn a big rig. Especially by the time one has traveled to the point of realization that a u-turn needs to be made.

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Escaped from Coos parking lot, spotted at Edson CG

A little off the beaten path, Edson is located 4 mile N of Port Orford and 4 miles east of Sixes, OR. Sixes is but a sign. A beautiful little meadow near the intersection of Sixes River and Edson C reek. Far enough from ‘stuff’ to be secluded, but close enough for a gander at civilization with an 8 mile scoot to Port Orford.

The CG is empty except for one tent camper, the CG hosts. me and Annie The Dog. I was greeted by Jan the hostess, who is leaving tomorrow – season end. But the CG gates will not be locked until Nov. 1. Jan gave me a little history. I did not tell her that she was wasting her time, as I have already forgotten the lesson. But I do remember that it was a pleasant lesson. About trees, salmon spawning “right over there” in Edson Creek in October.

One bad part of her story that I do remember, adjacent private property will be turned into a ‘gravel pit’ next year, which will certainly destroy the serenity. The summer months this year were harmonized by the logging of that same property in preparation for pit-mining gravel next year. Perhaps the fellow I met at the Coos Wally-Town that has acreage 1/4 mile from the campground… nah, he was too nice a guy to cut and dig in a serene place like this.

It is Sprint pin-drop quiet now. Probably because there is no Sprint signal here! A few pics:

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Care pkg arrival, leaving casino tomorrow

After a pleasant lunch visit with the local Sr Cits at the Sr. Center, a stop at the nearby Post Office was in order. It finally arrived! The new toy. There hasn’t been so much excitement around Barth since the last blowout! Well, maybe the several folks that have asked about Barth sitting here, and the many more that had a ledger full of questions about two front wheels on scoot, all over town. Sometimes it is difficult to make a right turn because folks in the cross walk slow to look at scoot.

A few pics were snapped – a new toy demands that even if there is no suitable subject. So far I have to wonder if the tricks up the camera’s sleeve are all that they are touted to be, but time will tell. A few meaningless shots:

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Inspected by security

Having been at The Mill Casino oversize parking lot for about 10 days, 3 days beyond the stated stay limit, my welcome must be wearing thin. A few minutes ago a casino security person walked around my rig, and I awaited a knock on the door. After two walk-arounds, including neighbors, he departed without a knock. I was mentally preparing my plea for 3 more days to allow the arrival of the anxiously awaited camera deliver via General Delivery.

Alas, he departed without a knock, at least not yet. A check outside revealed no nasty-grams. He may be checking records, and may be back later. Not much to blog about. I now know the towns of Coos Bay and North bend and Charleston well.

I did finally find a barber pole and managed to get a #3 1/2 blade butch haircut. The ‘designer’ haircut from Lincoln City was pathetic, so much so that fellow travelers Rod and Linda would not go out to eat with me until Rod had produced his clippers to trim the hair dangling down the back of my neck, stating that “I cannot take it anymore!” So much for designer hair stylists that refuse to follow instructions, or even cut the hair. The topic was arrogance, right?.

The weather? Perfect!

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Scooting around on errands

The sun popped out among the clouds. Time for errands. First, a check at the North Bend BLM identified my next stop as an excellent place with a paved road for the four miles drive from Sixes, OR. Then a swing by the North Bend Senior Center revealed that their Senior lunch is at 11:30 M-F, so rain notwithstanding, that will be the lunch destination for tomorrow, and next week until the Gen Del arrives. A quick stop at the Post Office confirmed no such luck today. There is also bingo twice a day on Friday and Saturday. It has been a long time since I had a rousing game of bingo, probably 50 years or so!

Annie the Dog has had much trouble getting her feeble legs under her on the hard floor of the moho. Time to buy a six-foot floor runner, so the next stop was Uncle Wally’s. This allowed me to return the camera, to be replaced with one via mail order, a better one with some neat tricks up its sleeves. I am eager to christen the new camera with pictures for the blog!

An interesting encounter occurred in Wally’s parking lot. An old geezer asked this old geezer a couple of questions about the dual front wheels on scoot. Finding out that I was from Sierra Vista as the conversation wandered, he said that he lived in Bisbee 50 years ago, followed by the statement that there was no Sierra Vista back then. Taken aback, as I pondered his statement, he continued by saying “There was a Fry then. A few shops just outside the gates of Ft. Huachuca. Having read a little on the history of Sierra Vista, I realized that he was correct.

We had more than that in common. He lives 1/4 mile from the Next Stop Campground near Sixes, OR. So I told him to look me up in a few days at the Edson Creek CG.

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