Last post from Funeral Mtn. Pass

Just a couple of pics to show why I moved. I did not take pics of the 4 rodents I trapped, nor the swarm of bees chasing after AtD’s water bowl and pop cans…

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Short trip to Furnace Creek

Bored, I hitched a ride with neighbor Fred to Furnace Creek, 20 miles or so into the Park. We had a buffet. The same buffet given the bus tours, pork ribs and chicken breasts. Since it cost $14, I worked hard to be sure I got my share. I succeeded. Checked the CG for known souls, found none. We were going to visit the museum, but a couple of tour buses unloaded, so we passed on that. Most tour buses seem to be hauling French speaking folks. I do not know if they are Canadians or not.

Later in the day a German couple wheeled into this desolate camp site wanting directions. I usually try my best to help those folks as I have experienced the language barrier many times in foreign travel. Though they knew more English words (maybe 25 or so) than I know German (0 or so), I think I got them pointed in the right direction. I hope so.

Last night was very productive. I caught 3 mice that have been prowling in Barth for a few days. There are probably more, as they usually appear in mated pairs. Since there is a known path they always take, I have an idea for a very effective mouse trap, which is an array of many mouse traps fastened side by side so that they cannot miss them. I will make it when I get to a source of mouse traps, and post a picture of it. Consider it the equivalent of a Gatling gun mouse ambush machine.

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A beautiful ‘honey-wheat’ sunset

I stepped outside Barth, barely in time to see this sunset. It was on the waning side so I did not capture the depth of color that was originally there. But I did ‘take a shot at it’.

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A hostage of death

…Death Valley, that is. I stopped at this 3000 ft. pass that guards the entrance to Death Valley NP because it is the coolest location within 200 miles being accessible for RV parking. With the temperatures slowly dropping, I will depart soon and hope there is not another heat wave. Maybe 3 to 5 days from now. Or perhaps Monday?

This location is pleasant, yes. Boring, yes, especially having previously seen all of Death Valley’s widely separated sights. But cool, it is. by Death Valley standards. Did I mention that the mountains in which the pass sits are called Funeral Mountains? One could get depressed here by simply reading the map!

But the real scourge is the fly storm! There is only scrub brush, and that is sparse. So humans and dogs are a delicacy for the flies. Yesterday I thought I lost Annie the Dog, but the stump I tripped over in a desperate attempt to find her was Annie camouflaged by a cloak of flies. I should have been suspicious of the stump as there are no trees in Death Valley or the Funeral Mountains.

There is now an early morn shower with more forecast for the next few days. Now I wish I had parked on a slab! Perhaps the rain will run the flies off, worth the tracking of mud inside Barth if it works. I can remove my shoes on entry, but AtD cannot remove her paws.

There are no animals except for an occasional bird. The  birds see so few humans they will walk right up to you with an inquisitive smile. Yes, a bird smile, an indication that we share a desolate location. Or is that a smirk? Or has my episode of nystagmus returned? Hard to tell with a beak. Oh yes, I mustn’t forget the unmistakable sound of a gnawing rodent in the wee hours last night. Damn, I wish I could find that entrance hole. Those buggers are hard to expunge. And they do not smile! Just reproduce.

Just do not ask the obvious. “Garry P, why are you still parked there?” The fact that I realize that there is no sane answer to that question confirms that I am not yet driven insane by the Funeral Mountains!

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Waiting for a tsunami

“Weeeell”, as Ronald Reagan would say, it is still hot north, hot south, hot east, hot west, so I will stick around the little 3000 ft high pass above a sea of heat a while longer, waiting for a tsunami of cool weather to roll in from sea level. Undoubtedly it is because this location is the highest and coolest location approachable by RVs within hundreds of miles that this abandoned miner’s camp was located here.

I found info on my vertigo problem. The brain’s reaction (panic) is called  ‘vertigo’, one of many types. My eye movements that induce the vertigo are a condition called ‘nystagmus’. The first time you have it, it can be scary as hell! It can be ‘Central’, like a stroke, but is usually due to inner ear infection or other inner ear problems, called ‘Benign Positional Vertigo’. So I choose to have the latter. I even found an exercise to help the inner ear. And I am going to concentrate on my sinuses and inner ear to get them dried out and healthy.

Info ad nauseam is located here:

Did ole Ronnie Reaggie really say, “Weeeell”?

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