Algodones Mx visit

Monday/Tuesday Nov 8/9 visited dentist with no appointment. Got a crown re-glued and impressions made for new partial

Today, Friday, back to dentist for new partial. It feels like a good fit.

When I tried to start scoot, I discovered that the trunk was open all night and the battery was 100% dead. It is currently on the charger and the trunk light has been permanently removed.

Not having time to deal with the dead battery before the dental appointment, I had to walk the 2 1/4 miles to the border. I needed that to let me know how much I need to get more exercise. I tried 3 or 4 folks at the border crossing to get a ride back to the casino, but all had an excuse, except for one that said ok then disappeared around a corner because his wife had not met him at the crossing. So I muttered “wait until you need help, karma will get you” and started hoofing it.

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An acquaintance appears

Today as I was stepping into Barth I heard a horn toot. A fellow in a sleek new class B motorhome pulled up and said something like “Excuse the horn. I recognized you and wanted to get your attention before you got inside.”

After a few pleasantries I finally said “How do I know you?”

“You are Garry P. aren’t you?” was the reply. “I recognized your RV and that strange two-front-wheel scooter. I read your blog.”

Oh. The blog. I thought no one read it! After an introduction to put us on equal terms, Don and brother Bob revealed that they are here for the same reason I am.

So I guess that we are now acquaintances.

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Parting shots at Furnace Creek

The final images from Furnace Creek in Death Valley National Park. Definitely QED.

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Home of the Cone Heads

Yesterday Fast Freddy drove us to the charcoal kilns in Death Valley. Long trip. Some desolation, some beauty. (speaking of which, does anyone know how to pronounce Beatty, NV?)

At least we discovered the cone home of the cone heads. Interesting, but worth a half day round trip? You decide.

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Pics at and about Furnace Creek Set 1

A few pics at Furnace Creek. The surrounding mountains break the boredom of endless desert wasteland. Unfortunately, to see a different view or feature, one must use lots and lots of gas, at $4.30/gal. The best way to consider Death Valley is: if it is between where you are and where you want to be, then drive through, stopping at whatever is on your route.

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