Animals, terraces and hot water

As previously stated my animal picks were no good except for a few. The other pics were shot near Mammoth Hot Springs. Sorry that I do not have specific location titles, as my memory is not so good, and my camera has no keyboard to title the pics on the spot (and why not, I ask! Wakeup, camera manufacturers. Let us annotate in real time, perhaps by voice.)

I have a problem with my General Delivery package. It was not delivered, generally or otherwise. I will stay here at West Yellowstone until tomorrow, trying to get a refund through ebay. I cannot stay here for another 10-day delivery cycle.

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Exiting Yellowstone

I am currently parked in NFS near West Yellowstone MT, outside the park. I have had enough of YSNP to last a lifetime, primarily due to it’s size and the large crowds. I got a few pics to post soon, but camera malfunction ruined most all animal shots. Just let me say that I hope to never be within 3 feet of a buffalo siting on a scooter again in this lifetime. The smell is bad. It is uncanny the way they like to block traffic on the highway.

I am waiting for a Gen Dev at the post office which will not open until Monday. Will do laundry here.

Re-posted to add some pics

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Many Pines Campground, Lewis & Clark National Park

Where is Many Pines Campground?

This is one of several campgrounds along the Bent Creek on Highway 89. I am headed to/through Yellowstone tomorrow, unless I get slowed by some other location. I at least must find a dump station!

I went to the local “store” in Neihart to buy some basic staples. There I met a fellow from Phoenix, AZ, that is planning to move here, currently fixing up a house, but spends summers here now.

Something in this area is driving my sinuses crazy, along with severe headache. Beautiful area, but so far unfriendly, medically speaking!

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Glacier National Park

I came by Glacier national Park, but could not stay there because all campgrounds were full.

A few Pics:

I made a quick tour of the park, and left in the Barth about 10:00 PM. Then ensued the “Night from Hell!”

At the townlet at the entrance of the park, I made a wrong turn left instead of right. It was dark, but I could see well enough to stay on the road, I reasoned.

About 30 minutes later I arrived at — the Canadian border again. They put me thru a 15 minute search, then let me make a U-turn. The US customes then put me thru a 20 minute drill. I was at the wrong place, and about an hour had expired.

So I went back to St. Mary to catch the road 464, which the customs guys said was much better than the 89 to the next town. There I took 464, but when I got to the next town (Browning), I was confronted with a 89 sign, with a left and right arrow, but no direction clarification. I guessed right, and immediately knew I was wrong, but in the dark, all the way back to St. Mary, I could find no flat pulloff to camp at, nor a place to turn around the 55 foot beast (with tow).

I finally found a bar that had closed, with a parking lot I could see, and pulled over for the night at – you guessed it, St. Mary. I had been going in circles for 3 hours.

Now I do not have to remind myself why I do not drive after dark!

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