Arrival: Camp Zion Canyon CG

I arrived mid afternoon, driving from Page, AZ. Uneventful drive, many areas with beautiful scenery. I wanted to stay at Page for another night or so, but the weather was warm in uncooled RV, so I departed as soon as I retrieved L. Ranger.

I have done no site seeing yet. There is plenty time for that, and I have been here before which dulls the urgency. More later.

This is a commercial park, $35/day. Nice enough, with enough room to walk between the RVs without hitting one’s head on the slides. I am prone to do that even in the middle of an open desert. I was having difficulty making the turn into my site as it was tight. My ‘neighbor’ came out and told me that he had the same problem, and showed me how to make a loop and get an almost straight shot into the space. Most helpful.

I was going to move to the dry camp CG tomorrow, but I have major chores to do cleaning Barth. With temp forcasts of 87 degrees, I will probably stay here to keep cool.

TV selection consists of PBS and CBS. Since CBS has mostly a zillion hours of CSI incarnations, TV is a wasteland.

I finally found a pressure cooker at Uncle Wally’s in Page. One item was on sale for $15. Snatched it and ran, feeling guilty.

Annie T. Dog is accustomed to a substantial ‘out’ time while staying in the NM parks. Tonight she is driving me crazy. wanting outside. Maybe it is because she feels better because I gave her a baby aspirin also known as “aspirin regimen” dosage.

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Somewhere on US 163 [BLOWOUT #2]

Where is “somewhere on route US163”?

Well, I took a hard look at the tires after the last blowout. The mechanic thought they should be good to go. So I went.

In Moab, the mechanic that put my new front hubs on thought the tires were good to go. So I went.

I shouldn’t have “went”.

I currently sit beside the road, dripping antifreeze, thankfully off the roadway, with blowout #2. I wasn’t so lucky this time, as it took out some coolant hoses and some “protective” baffles that were to protect the hoses. It also took out a little wiring that is non-critical, except that I cannot dump tanks until I fix it. Also took out a piece of leveling jack, that appears to be repairable. And finally, it took out the drain to the shower, which also was behind a “protective panel”.

I was picking up pieces off the highway for 5 minutes after I found a place to get off the road. First priority is always try to get to, or a safe zone, or make one with reflectors, cones, etc. Second is to always quickly remove the debris field from the roadway. I had left leveler springs the size of shock absorbers on the roadway.

Road service out of Monticello, UT is supposed to be here early tomorrow. First said this eve, but called back and said he had to wait for the tire. I suspect that something like his wife wanting him home tonight.

My current location:

The debris I let behind (not including rubber, and stuff I could not locate):

And to top it all off, I made a side trip to Monument Valley, just to discover that I had been here before, and forgot!

I am developing a theory on this. Both blowouts inside rear dual. Both blowouts while climbing a long steep grade at full throttle, in 4th, perhaps 3rd gear. The inside tires are the ones that get hottest. When going up a steep grade at full throttle, the tires are transfereing the maximum torque that the drive train can deliver. These two conditions mean max stress on the tires.


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Moab, UT (Arches National Park)

Where is the KOA Campground, Moab, UT?

Moab, and the area around it, has breathtaking red-rock scenery. The red’s here are more impressive than Sedona, AZ. The landscape challenges Canyon de Chelly, AZ. The shear impact approaches that of the stark mountains in the Banff, Canada vacinity. In short, beautiful, with a photo op every direction that one looks! Even the town is surrounded by shear walls of red. One takes a few photos and then puts away the camera and says “Ahhhhhh…”. Same as I did in Banff/Jasper,

A couple of unworthy examples:

I found a great mechanic in Moab that came to the RV park and replaced the outside seals on my front wheel bearings. They had to be fixed, or I would have had a wheel siezure before I got home, and trust me, you do not want that!

I have not been able to locate the tires I want in Moab, so I will pray these get to Tucson. I don’t really want another blowout.

Plans are to pull out of Moab tomorrow, and on the way out of town I will have the mechanic check/adjust my rear brakes. He could not do that today because I was out sightseeing when he came to fix the bearings, and the brakes cannot be adjusted without air pressure.

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Firefighters Campground, Flaming Gorge Recreation Area, UT

Where is Firefighters Campground?

I arrived here 3 days ago, with intention to stay only 1 night. But I came down with a cold on the way, and was looking through watery eyes, not a good thing. The cold turned out to be a real pain in the arse, settling into my head and lungs simultaneously. I grabbed some Contact and resigned to do nothing until it passed.

After 3 days of telling dog how awful I felt, I finally moved on. Dog was very sympathetic. My destination is Moab, UT a place I have often heard of, but never visited. I anticipate only one more stop between Moab and home: somewhere in the Hannigan Meadows area of AZ.

The Flaming Gorge area is really a beautiful area, with a large lake that local boaters and fishermen love, judging from the activity.

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