Am I a danger to myself?

I recall when my parents were in assisted living, they were allowed to cook as long as it did not become a problem, such as creating a fire hazard leaving things on the stove to catch fire.

Three times within a week I have boiled the coffee pot dry. I am beginning to wonder, why. Also at home I tend to decimate boiled eggs, becoming aware of their status when they are heard exploding in a dry pan. Self-peeling eggs!

Enough to give one pause.

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Rainey day at Ajo

Rain has been falling since before daybreak. The internet connection keeps winking in and out as heavy cloud pockets pass over. Barth is surrounded by standing water in the desert. The weather is supposed to get better tomorrow. I certainly hope so as I am planning to leave this location on Friday. Assuming the ground is firm enough to drive 36,000 pounds over!

The rain, not limited to a shower, has canceled a scooter ride that was planned for today. There are about six folks with scooters, and several dirt bikes in the group.

The pic below is a shot of the SKP group parked here. But all units are not visible, being hidden behind those in front. There are approximately 60 RVs here, almost every incarnation made. At this moment there are 60 units afraid to try to move today.

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Annie escapes

Just a few days ago I adorned AtD’s collar with a bear bell (definition: bear bell – A small bell used to make noise while hiking so as to not startle a bear at close range.) It’s purpose is to help me keep an eye on Annie’s location when she is off the leash. Unfortunately, when one is engaged in an impromptu conversation with a neighbor, bells fade from the attention span.

By the time I realized that Annie’s bell could not be heard, she was out of sight. A quick walking scan in Barth’s vicinity revealed nothing. Just as I was about to take a stroll through the 40 or so rigs parked haphazardly in the desert, Don Tom and Jim came walking toward me with the information that they had seen Annie trotting down the road, and that she did not respond to calls, deaf as she is.

I thumbed a ride on scoot and started down the road scanning the area as I went. As I got to the other end of the sea of RVs I saw her wandering forlornly and aimlessly among them. As I approached her she seemed disinterested.

“Me lost?”, she seemed to say. “What on earth do you mean? I have been looking everywhere for you! Do I have to put a bell on you?”

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I thought I would get a preview of the fiddlers today, as some were putting on a one hour event on the plaza in downtown Ajo. Downtown Ajo is easy to find, as it is next door to up town. I arrived with high expectations in time to acquire a root beer float, but afterward wished I had the ice cream in a cone instead.

The first performer was actually a quatro-fiddle, as there were four fiddlers. It turned out that there were three too many. The next two acts, though with single fiddles, were equally uninspiring. These acts brought a scattering of weak applause as attendees on the grass lawn felt more comfortable with a little applause than the alternative silence.

With serious concern that another fiddle act would render me tone deaf, I gathered my scooter helmet and began to scramble to my knees on the way home The last act was announced; a hammer dulcimer. As she set up, I decided that I had to see this because of the nagging questions: 1) Does the dulcimer have key operated hammers like a piano, or are the hammers wielded by the player? and 2) What the hell is a dulcimer doing in a program that spotlights fiddles?

The applause to the dulcimer performance answered both questions: 1) The instrument player has the hammers in hand, and 2) The dulcimer player was there because she saved the day, entertainment-wise.

I would have taken a pic of the fiddlers had I not forgotten my camera. Or perhaps a silent movie.

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Gambling… NOT

I arrived at the Desert Diamond casino on I19 South of Tucson last night. The stop was to meet up with Steve O so that he could install my upgrade to iDirect satellite internet service. That accomplished, I will head to the Ajo vicinity for a few days. There is a fiddler’s contest there that I have never attended. (There are fiddle contests, bluegrass contests and gem shows all over the west). From there I will head back to the Yuma area to take another shot at finding a dentist.

The departure from home was hasty in order to not miss Steve O, who is headed to CA. So as usual Barth is strewn front to back. Poor Annie with her poor eyesight keeps tripping over everything.

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