The "sunami effect"

I noted an anomoly when studying the state Presidential leaders map. Most of BHO’s states are located on the west coast, east coast or north coast. Unfortunately for McC these are also the states with the most delegates.

So it is unlikely that McC can win unless a very large sunami hits one of the coasts.

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That dastardly McCain

McCain has Obama exactly where he wants him, so he says.

That crafty ole fox has lured Obama into surging ahead with scarcely two weeks left before the election. McCain has thus tricked Obama and the voters into believing that Obama will win.

This will allow McCain to make a rocket blast from twelve points behind due to the Palin Effect that happens to each voter as he goes behind the booth curtain on election day and lapses into a fainting fantasy when they see Palin’s name on the ballot.

It is all a ploy to allow McCain to recover the Presidency in the same manner as he did in the Republican primary. He then has his reputation as comeback kid crumudgen intact to use when warring with Congress.

Watch for him to next dump his bus and start carrying his own bags everywhere as he did in the primary.

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Nigerian email scam

I just received information from a reliable source that The Nigerian government has warned its citizens that if they get any e-mails from Irish/UK/US banks promising government-backed deposit security and seeking bank account details, it’s a scam…

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Odyssey VI started

Well, the political fun (I would laugh if it were not so catastrophic) will soon be over. I once again am getting the strong urge to seek the great western outdoors with Annie te Dog, Barth and Ranger.

Due to my not traveling the summer of 2008, Odyssey V has been dedicated to trivial, frivolous and outrageous comments about the all-too-serious Presidential race and the financial melt down accompanied by a stupid pointless bailout with the sole goal to assure that financiers of the rich kind remain so. Indeed, I may change the name of 2008 from Odyssey to something else, so if someone wants to recommend a new and appropriate title add a comment to this post, and keep it clean, please.

Or do as my mama said, “If you can’t keep it clean, be sure to address it to a %#@$%* politician”.

Undoubtedly I will get additional uncontrollable urges to rant on 2008. It seems that I may have done so above. But I will try to keep most items on 2009 restricted to travel topics as has been done in the past, with only an occasional soapbox or editorial entry.

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Juggling meds

It is hard to tell which is the most disarranged, the house or Barth! I am experimenting with a medication I have been taking for years, discontinuing it for a couple of weeks to see if it is the cause of lethargy, muscle pains and a mild depression I have been experiencing. But with RV visitors arriving next weekend, and my determination to hit the road again soon, I gotta find some energy and motivation.

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