You want change? Here is a suggestion

I was thinking today, a rather rare and non-earthmoving event. But I did have an epiphany that would make the election interesting, if not completely honest.

How would the world in politics, and our current election, be different if the following four rules were true?

Rule 1 – No poles of any sort exist. This rule would have to be complete, absolutely no hint of public or private opinion poles, not even ‘black market’ poles.

Rule 2 – All negative political ads are forbidden. The only ads permitted are ads about the subjects’ views and proposals.

Rule 3 – All negative political speeches are forbidden. The only speeches permitted are those about the subjects’ views and proposals.

Rule 4 – Rules 1 through 3 must be obeyed.

Now, that would be drastic, unenforceable and contrary to the freedom of speech. But it would be wonderful if each individual could vote without being influnced by mass hysteria and  lies.

Indeed it would be eliminate Life imitating Polls.

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Contemplating maintenance trip to Phoenix

After visiting various maintenance facilities in my travels, I am extremely wary. Truck centers, motorhome dealers and independent shops all share a common characteristic: unreliable, untrustworthy, even dishonest. Beware before you submit your motorhome to any shop – it is best to be there and watch. They do stupid things that even a humble non-mechanical owner can spot.

I witnessed an example that was more a safety than functional issue locally. The mechanic had purged the air bags which crushed the oil drain pan under the engine (a large pan, as we are talking 12 gallons here). So I raised the motorhome using the hydraulic jacks, the mechanic repositioned the pan then asked me to lower the motorhome. Yeah, right. Even after explaining that lowering the jacks are a quick drop, the mechanic insisted on staying under the motorhome. I refused to cooperate until he was not under.

I have also paid too many time for shoddy work that was a wrong diagnosis. I have been cheated by road service contracts (Coachnet). The list goes on.

But at the recommendation of Spartan motors, the manufacturer of my chassis, I have found a Spartan shop in Phoenix that seems reliable and diligent if not cheap. The shop is Massey, in West Phoenix, West of I12.

I am considering a service and alignment check by them to fine tune the handling of the rig. They did an excellent job on ride height adjustments, and in a call to them recently I was heavily interrogated, as they do not want the responsibility of working on a rig that may not need it, thereby wasting the owner’s money and possibly loosing a customer.

A commendable response – I am still mulling it over.

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Ok, so I lied

A blog response “borrowed” from

Why I am voting Democrat!

[I am voting Democrat because I believe that the ‘fairness doctrine’ is a good thing. The airwaves should be purged of talk radio shows exercising freedom of speech, and all of us should be spoon fed by such reliable and unbiased outlets as ABC, CBS and NBC. — GP]

[I am voting Democratic because the cataclysmic event that has appeared in Mr. Biden’s crystal ball can best be handled by a charismatic warrior that has been surrounded and tutored by terrorists, renegade radical religious personalities,and the upright and respectable Acorn organization among others, excelling in the accumulation of wealth, sure to be redistributed soon, as a Community Organizer. –GP]

I’m voting Democrat because I believe the government will do a better job of spending MY MONEY than I would. I think when you spread the wealth around it is good for everybody! It’s Patriotic!

[I am voting Democratic because the only way I can recoup the cash I gave those evil Republicans is to sign up for every opportunity to reap the maximum amount of the Patriotic Redistribution (doesn’t that have a ring to it?). I do wonder, though, why those patriotic souls did not start writing checks to the General Fund decades ago. They do not need Congress to give them permission or directive to do so.–GP]

I’m voting Democrat because I believe that business should not be allowed to make profits for themselves. All profits are evil and should be confiscated for Government Redistribution.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe that MORE Government regulations and higher taxes on Business will stop Business from exporting their jobs to Countries with LESS Government regulations and lower taxes.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe terrorists should be allowed to have trials in American courts. And be able to subpoena top secret documents, soldiers, government officials, etc. to cross examine for their defense. They should have ACLU lawyers who can help intimidate Americans who serve on the juries!

I’m voting Democrat because I believe Gay Marriage should be the law of the land and will probably produce better children.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe English should not be the official language of the United States. I don’t mind pushing one for English when I use the phone.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe partial birth abortion is okay but water boarding a terrorist is disgusting.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe having a domestic terrorist like Bill Ayers as a close friend is a good thing. It allows for great relations with foreign terrorists.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe in a FREE government health care system. I believe doctors, nurses, hospitals, drug companies, etc. will gladly donate their time, products, services, facilities, etc. for FREE and that will be a better system.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe in and support trial lawyers, frivolous lawsuits and outrageous jury verdicts.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe 9/11 was an inside job to con the American people to go to war for oil.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe social security is solvent and that there is a social security lock box and I don’t believe social security is a Ponzi scheme.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe MOST AMERICANS are bitter and cling to their guns and religion. Let’s rid our country of guns and religion!

I’m voting Democrat because I believe illegal aliens deserve all the rights of ordinary Americans plus some additional rights Americans do not have.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe corporations should pay higher taxes! I believe higher taxes on business will make the price of their products and services LESS EXPENSIVE.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe groups like ACORN who register felons, drug addicts, wino’s, homeless drifters, illegal aliens, dead people, children, fictional Disney characters, etc. makes my vote count more.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe celebrating the winter solstice shows compassion for the small minority of people that do not celebrate Christmas.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe hard core criminal murders and rapists deserve life and that the innocent unborn deserve death. It’s a choice I can live with.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe Bush caused Hurricane Katrina and he blew-up the levies in the ninth ward of New Orleans.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe that any one who is not partaking in one of the many wonderful government programs obviously has too much money and should pay higher taxes.

I’m voting Democrat because when we pull out of Iraq the terrorists will be happy and now think of us as good people.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe our soldiers are AIR RAIDING villages and killing innocent people.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe sex in the Oval Office with an intern is a private matter and that everybody lies under oath about sex.

I’m votin Demokrat becuse I wus edumkated at a publick sckrool. I lik da Natsionel Edukatshun Assoseeashun!

I’m voting Democrat because freedom of speech is fine as long as it does not offend people. Can’t we all just get along?

I’m voting Democrat because I believe oil companies’ profits are wrong. I believe higher taxes on oil companies will produce lower prices at the pump.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe we need to rid ourselves of dependency on foreign oil, BUT I AM AGAINST offshore drilling for oil and natural gas, drilling in Anwar, building nuclear power plants and clean coal technology.

And finally, I’m voting Democrat because I believe Reverend Wright when he said “GODDAMN AMERICA” and “OUR CHICKENS ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST”. Hey let’s make a comfortable nest for those chickens!

Why are you voting Democrat?

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Closing down this blog

I just listened to Colin Powell’s litany about why he is endorsing B Hussien O. I have always known Powell to be a Republicrat. In his speech on TV in which he says that Obama will “electrify” the office. No doubt he is correct, but I doubt he has any idea exactly in which sinister way the electrification will manifest.

I see B Hussien O fitting one of three situations:
  • At worst, an Islamic sleeper with intent on destroying the US.

  • An arrogant President that will allow no criticism, and ignore recommendations of a cabinet. Indeed, he may have no or little cabinet. The result will be a President with zero practical experience for the job, refusing to take advice and better suited to ply Hollywood with his “electrifying” persona.
  • At best, a closet Islamic Socialist that, with the support of a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate, will drive the country to or near Fascism.
The Messiah has “electrified” the US to the point that he now has enough money to buy the eection – which is exactly what he is doing, using his huge war chest to swamp the media with ads, propaganda and lies regarding redistribution of wealth. McCain would need divine intervention to overcome B Hussien O’s momentum, and I just don’t believe that God is ready to save us from ourselves in November.
So my action is to turn off political TV, ignore whatever B Hussein O says, and go about my bsiness. Oh, yeah, I plan to contrive to get every penney I can from B Hussien O’s big giveaway. I won’t be embarrassed to take some of Buffett’s money, since he has declared it to be patriotic to give it to me.
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McC reveals his Achilles heel

During a Sunday intervew on Chris Wallace’s show (FNN and FBC), McC made the statement that the main purpose of government is to provide for the people that need it (an approximate paraphrase).

McC is apparently trying to outpace Obama’s socialist agenda in order to have a chance to win. Just change the words so they can be called different. But the bottom line is that both are far too liberal to suit my tastes, and trust.

Apparently McC has forgotten the true Constitutional responsibilities of the Gov. A good start for anyone including McC are laid out in this link.

I firmly believe that all major woes are due to Congress’ action by law, regulatin or bribery to force an outcome nationally and nternationally. If the Gov would limit their considerations o those proided in the link above, there would be no discussion of such topics as bailout, bank nationalization, redistribution of wealth…

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