Yuma at last

Drove about 70 miles to Yuma today, headed straight for the Quechen Casino in Winterhaven, just across the CO river from Yuma. The large lot for free RV parking was empty. One would expect not many RVs there, given “The weather is just too damn hot” temperatures. But zero RVs? A sign quickly revealed one probable reason. They now charge $5 for a 24 hour period, and they make ‘registering’ a real pain in the arse to boot.

Being ready to stop, looking forward to eating 3 meals for the day at once for $6.50, and $5.00 not being a deal breaker, I stopped and registered. But after checking with the dentist in Algodones tomorrow, I will look into staying at the Quechen Casino west of Yuma as they have the same deal and it is very close to Algodones, a mile or five.

If I do not get quick reaction on the partial from the Algo dentist, I will just head home and have a fresh start with the dentist in Naco, Mx. which is about 20 miles from my house. I did not even make an appointment. I probably could have saved 1/2 the cost of starting over in Naco, by saving diesel going straight home. I stubbornly wanted to come by Yuma.

But “The weather is just too damn hot.”

Hey, something like that might make a good name for a political party, perhaps in New York!

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Bouse Junction (Plomosa Rd/US-95)

Saturday. At least I think it is Saturday, according to my pill box. I resume my odyssey of continued self punishment. I still travel one week ahead of the cooling weather. Currently sitting north of Quartzsite at Plomosa Road, called Quartzsite/Bouse Highway on some maps. Yesterday I did scoot to Bouse, slowly because of the winds, to dine out with a 1 PM breakfast.

Upon arrival here on Tuesday to await a few degrees temperature drop in Yuma, I installed the replacement UCB to re-establish my contact with the world via satellite internet, only to discover that I was in an tech funk. Email, Facebook, Kindle, Netflix and blog overload. Only the completely passive XM reaped some interest. So I may largely abandon FB for a while.

No pics here. Just a flat desert waypoint on the way to Yuma. Temperatures look favorable, so tomorrow will see me moving to the casino near Yuma from which I will launch my visits to the dentist in Algodones for some repairs and a checkup.

I hope I do not encounter any automatic weapons! My usual attire is worn jeans, a tattered t-shirt, scruffy facial hair, matted hair and a cloud of trailing dust like Pig Pen from Charley brown. In other words, I look like I traveled from the south instead of from the north. Not likely to attract attention.

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Craggy Wash BLM area

Craggy Wash ain’t much. Craggy Wash is a risky drive for large RVs, especially if towing. I had to drive into the wash 2.5 miles before locating a place that I could turn around and park, after detaching the scoot trailer. A nearby van camper named Clyde gave some assistance un-re-attaching the trailer after watching to be sure I did not back into his van. I am not a good backer. My door is getting a little worn from hopping in and out of the RV when I have to back unassisted.

After getting parked, I immediately discovered that my satellite equipment suffered an electronic failure. Since my brokerage account is all-in the market, this could be financially disastrous. After a wait until Monday circuit board to fix the problem was delivered by overnight UPS, and was picked up on the wat from Craggy Wash to be installed at my next stop.

I parked near, and probably accelerated the departure of, Clyde the van camper. Clyde was an interesting character, a programmer that dropped out of the corporate world after his employer went bankrupt in the 90’s. We had somewhat a kindred experience, except that Clyde is a minimalist that took the low cost, low tech route, and I, well, am burdened by dragging around so much ‘stuff’ that Barth can hardly get up a hill.

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Parting shots at Furnace Creek

The final images from Furnace Creek in Death Valley National Park. Definitely QED.

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Home of the Cone Heads

Yesterday Fast Freddy drove us to the charcoal kilns in Death Valley. Long trip. Some desolation, some beauty. (speaking of which, does anyone know how to pronounce Beatty, NV?)

At least we discovered the cone home of the cone heads. Interesting, but worth a half day round trip? You decide.

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