Arrival: Elephant Butte State Park, NM

We all arrived safely after a gusty wind drive from Manzano. The awaited UPS package did not arrive until after noon, but that is better then after dark.

We, Barth, Annie, Lone and the as yet unnamed scooter are parked at a dry camping space with a view from above the Elephant Butte Lake. Approaching closer to the lake was discouraged by soft sand.

Elephant Butte is named from a butte that looks has a likeness to (surprise) an elephant. I looked all around for the butte that looked so, but could not identify one. Tomorrow I will probably get someone to sketch or show me a drawing of an elephant – apparently I have forgotten. I did see one cloud that might have looked like an elephant for a fleeting moment.

It was too late to drive all the way home, so we stopped here, a State Park that I had not visited before, or after. This may be the place for two or three days, mais-well look around before leaving.

Having not eaten out for a while, I went through Truth or Consequences in search of a Mexican restaurant. Only one was spotted through the entire town, though others must have been overlooked. This is after all New Mexico. It did have a tasty fajita plate, placing a blueberry cheese cake in the empty places to pad out the stomach.

The next stop may be home (house). Barth has begun to feel like home recently.

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Waiting for UPS delivery, pink dogfood, etc.

Cloudy, a pleasant 50+ degrees and calm day.

The awaited UPS delivery scheduled for Wed. (tomorrow) arrived in ABQ last evening. It was expected to be out for delivery today. Today it was checked out at ABQ at 6:35 AM, and checked back in at ABQ at 6:55 AM. Duh! And there it sits.

Annie T. Dog has had stomach and digestion problems for a few days. The last two days she was given two doses of Pepto Bismol. Finally today she is feeling good enough to actually sniff at every tree in the forest instead of following me in a robotic state. But experience indicates her symptoms will return, as the Pepto is only temporary.

Interesting that the pink stuff can be stirred into her food, leaving it pinkish and smelling minty, and she still eats it. She must like the minty taste as it surely does not smell and taste the same when pink. Come to think of it, she frequently gets “stuck” sniffing aromatic plants that certainly do not smell like dogs or food.

Still waiting for UPS. Sigh!

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Lazy Saturday

Not doing much. Lazy Saturday. Annie T. Dog is also lazy. MP3 awaiting a ride, someday. Chilly day. We have been inside watching TV and web surfing most of the day.

I did identify some safety mods I want for MP3:
* Low beam headlight always on
* Headlight modulator (blinking in daytime to improve visibility)
* Taillight modulator (blinks tail light for 3 seconds when brake applied for visibility)
* Louder horn

I have decided that I will leave as soon as the UPS delivery arrives, probably Wednesday. Headed home to tag and license for MP3, bypassing the previously intended campground stops.

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First scratch, damn

This morn I went out to rearrange the strapping put on the MP3 when I picked it up from the seller. I followed his advice as to how he strapped it in his horse trailer. Unfortunately the extra strap he gave me rubbed the fiberglass, removing small spots of finish at a small place on each side. Of course at the time we were strapping it, the bike was already mine, as the title had been signed.

Since the spots were not there before, he knew how to do it as he had to haul it home also, and did not tell me.

I am an idiot for not thinking of that problem in advance. He also hit a post riding it to the loading location, but no scratch was made.

[On edit: Ok, maybe he is not an ass, just an idiot like me. It was sure a demoralizing lesson. It was my responsibility to strap it.]

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