Muslim vs. Military

Take one man from a Palestinian family. Put him in the Army as an officer, a psychiatrist. Assign him to counsel soldiers that have been fighting Muslims, listen to their tells of war against Muslims. Give him poor performance ratings. Ignore his pleas to get out of the situation. Deploy him to Afghanistan.

You decide who is crazy!

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Bringing home the bacon

Today was the second the I have scooted to the grocery. A lot of groceries will fit in the storage and hanging bags. Today $65 worth of groceries were scooted home.

The two bags hanging in the bag hook. Two loaves of vread in one to prevent crushing, and a large can of coffee in the other because of the size.

This is a shot of the rear uuderseat compartment. This compartment could have held a little more.

A view of the rear compartment. This one was also not completely full.

And finally, the collection of groceries and mail that was hauld home, including two packages of bacon.

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October home visit status report

[EDIT: Consolidation of previous three overly-wordy posts]

A busy week for an old fart! I got the last important visibility modification completed today. So I have:

added headlight modulator
added stop light modulator
added turn signal indicators that I can see easily
added air horn (FRAMP instead of meep meep)

Also, the trailer has been prepared to haul Darth. I am operating Darth on a six month learner’s permit.

Annie T. Dog passed her renal function test at the vet. But she is aging in an accelerated manner now. I know that she doesn’t feel well, but I do not know what is bothering her. She is on antibiotice for two weeks. I guess that can be expected of a dog pushing 15 years.

I had a battery of blood tests, but in the manner of today’s medical operations, I will never hear of the results unless I make an appointment to visit the doctor. Then he will fumble through my folder and not be able to find it. Unless Congress can instill some level of disicipline in medical care, no changes they can make will improve it.

Clunker Dodge Intrepid is sold.

That is all for a while. Now I have to clear a place in the garage to park it to protect it from theftsitting in the front yard. Also shovel half the house into the garbage can.

For the rest of the visit at the house mundane entries will be avoided. (Barth is feeling more and more like home instead of the house.)

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Home-agin, and Annie attacked

I arrived home at about 1 PM today, and set about buying a trailer for Darth. Hopefully tomorrow I can get Darth off of the back of Lone T. Ranger. Assuming I can get my blood pressure down.

On my casual sundown walk of Annie down the road, she was viciously ambushed by a rogue pitbull. I mean vicious, no barking, no warning, just a lunge from the bushes.

My mostly misplaced kicks caused it to scurry away. But the attack was so vicious that if it had been after me, I would have been helpless.

I called the sheriff, reported the incident and the alleged dog’s owner address. They will ‘talk to them’. Yeah, right. as if that will do any good.

I told the officer that I absolutely would kill the dog if I get close enough to it. He said that there ‘might be a problem with that.’ I told him that problem or no, if it looks at me or my dog, and if it is close enough, I will shoot it. That I will not cower in my own house.

Tomorrow I may take Annie and a shot gun down the road where it lives to see if I can lure it out. Since I am already afraid of it, I will feel fear for me or Annie, and resolve the problem.

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