Two things driving me crazy – Thing Three of Two

Thing Three: Health bill abortion coverage
A leftist female Representative complains because someone has suggested that the ultimate Health Bill could cover abortion with an extra cost rider. Discrimination, the wanna be slut Representative exclaimed! I was surprised, not only because she wants me to contribute to unraveling her slutly behavior, though that is reason enough, but because she somehow sees her view as not discriminatory toward all but one male!  I can correctly state, not having the capacity for pregnancy, there certainly is no reason for me to be subject to conditions that only she controls. If she wants a man to contribute to the cost, it should only be the man
But if she wants the gov to pay for her permanent sterilization, I could support that, because it certainly would be good for the gene pool.
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Two things driving me crazy – Thing Two of Two

Thing Two: International Space Station

We were told about all the benefits that operating the space station would benefit everyone for years. Now they do not even bother to tell us any more.

The space station has become somewhat like modern computers. It demands attention amounting to near 100% of its utilization just to… maintain it operational. No more bragging about the benefits. No announcements of stunning advancements in science, medicine, metallurgy or anything else. The last revelation I recall from earth orbit is that Tang is also good on the kitchen table. We get a lot more information for the buck from recent unmanned probes.

Just up/down/up/down/up/down of the U.S. Space Shuttle or the Russian transporter, carrying food, repair parts, water, bringing back garbage, strewing space junk in its wake, if there were any air there. Trip costs? Ten’s of millions of China’s loan dollars per trip. The work being accomplished? Space walks for repairs, toilet replacement and chewing gum on leaks.

Am I the only one getting pissed about this unending waste of China’s loans to us? I think it would make a spectacular firework, lighting up the sky on Christmas Eve on a free fall to earth. Not really a free fall, rather a savings fall! Savings of billions of dollars in short order. I think China deserves more for its investment!

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Two things driving me crazy – Thing One of Two

Thing One: Health Bill Discussions

They go like this:
Right – there is no provision to reduce and control costs.
Left – There definitely provisions to control cost.
Right – there is no provision to reduce and control costs.
Left – There definitely provisions to control cost.
Right – there is no provision to reduce and control costs.
Left – There definitely provisions to control cost.
… Ad Nauseum

If these elected representatives of the people and ever-so-smart commentators want to contribute to the truth, why do none of them plop the 2000 pages of the bill onto a table, and refer to the highlited paragraphs and provisions, and read them to the audience?

Enough of the party line lies – put the facts on the table. That should end the argument, or at least let the audience make a decision on their on.

All politicians, all commentators, all talk show hosts are failing their listeners. Even the mighty, Limbaugh, with one hand tied behind his back, is too stupid to demand a reading.

Stand up. Ask your Representative and Senators to tell you the paragraph number so that you can then read it yourself, on the web.

Ditto on all issues that concern you; illegal trespasser coverage, effect on Medicare; intrusion into unnecessary life choices; why is 500 billion of the cost left to another bill to be passed later; why is 100% coverage not attainable without court fines and five years imprisonment, to name a few of the many.

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Time to be proactive…

It is time to become proactive to protect yourself and your family.

The President does not have America’s best interest in mind. The Congress does not have America’s best interest in mind. Their agendas are strictly a selfish radical left loyalty. And those that aren’t are dumb-struck.

It is time to relocate home and work location. Move far away from large cities. Move far away from nuclear power plants. Move far away from popular recreation sites. Move far away from military installations. Move far away from large power generation facilities, including hydro. Move far away from large mining or other industrial operations.

A lifestyle change? You bet. A life saving change? Possibly.

Think about it. Meditate about it. Do whatever you do to recognize the truth.

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