Sarah Palin is lying

In her book, and on the book tour as well as on TV interviews, Palin’s explanation of her infamous non-answer to Courics question about what she reads simply does not ring true.

She says, to paraphrase, that she thought the qusetion was demeaning, a trick and perhaps an implication that she does not read. So she refused to answer, to this day.

Me thinks that she really does read no news media. Perhaps romance novels, Modern Hunting, Penney Saver, Good Housekeeping, maybe Cosmopolitan or Star. But no Washington Post, New York Times, etc.

She was trapped into either not answering, lying or refusing to answer. Under the proposed circumstances it is good that she did not lie and say New York Times. A followup question surely would have really tripped her up, such as “which is your favorite columnist?”

But with that accent many folks did not realize that she ducked the question!

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Pass on the job

Although it was very tempting, I passed on the shares-only job with the start-up I do, at least at this time, subscribe to and embrace their service. However, with TDameritrade soon to offer automatic trading, that may be the preferred manner of managing my market stops.

1) The ‘pay’ was not good enough, i.e. not enough potential gain for the high risk of zilch. Also, their business affairs seem to be in a questionable state, as there was no LLC documentation available. [UPDATE: At smartStop’s request, the prior statement has been reviewed and determined to be invalid.  Additionally, the link URL to has been corrected. – Garry P.]

2) I realized that I should spend my voluntary discretionary time monitoring my own funds, which I have been much too complacent about recently.

I hope to be ready to depart on another journey in a week or so – I am getting ‘home-burnout’.

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Airline pilot misconduct

Several years ago locked and armored air plane cockpit doors were required to foil hijackers (and ‘stews’) hijinks. Now, in addition to the unforgivable inhumane passenger punishment of parking on a tarmac for 8 or 12 hours, pilots that are drunk or that engaged in activity that causes them to completely miss the arrival airport, it is obvious that a modified measure must be considered.

I propose that cockpit doors now be armored with full size bullet proof glass so that passengers can monitor the state of the pilots. Of course that will not solve the tarmac hostage problem. So I further propose that the pilot’s door shall be incapable of being opened unless at a boarding gate. The revolt among pilots of having to use their barf bag for personal relief with passengers watching through the glass doors should be enough for airlines to reserve one gate at each airport solely for use of deboarding passengers caught in the tarmac trap.

I would absolutely go crazy sitting in an airplane on the tarmac for hours on end with no air, no bathroom service and no food.

I no longer fly.

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A job?

I have been talking with a web site start-up about participating in their development and deployment. It now sounds as if a proposal may be coming soon.

It would be a job, sort of. I expect an offer of stock in exchange for work, no cash. I speculate that their main goal is to develop the site, build a subscription base and eventually sell the company. They are well on the way, but they do not have a financial ‘angel’ yet. They do have substantial advancements in the works. I have told them I would commit to 20 hours per week, average.

I would be working virtually from where ever Barth is parked. So, unless the proposal is unfair, I may be somewhat busier soon.

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